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New RX 450h: F-Sport vs Takumi (Luxury Line)

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Hello everybody

Did any of you compare the F-Sport with the Takumi (LuxuryLine) version of the "new RX 450h" (with facelift 2020)?
How comfortable are the F-Sport seats compared to the Takumi seats?
Are the seats in F-Sport much harder and narrower - and therefore less suitable for long journeys?
Does the finer Takumi leather make the difference clear?
Is the comfort entry missing in the F-Sport?
Is the F-Sport as quiet in the interior as in the Takumi Line?
I assume that the F-Sport's engine sound generator can always be deactivated (doesn't have to be deactivated every time the engine is started).
Does the harder F-Sport suspension ensure less rolling movements and a loss of comfort?

Thank you very much for your opinion.
Greetings, Tim

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Hi Tim; I had a 2018 F Sport from new which I PX for a new Takumi spec in Dec 2020, I can confirm the driving dynamics of both are remarkably different. The F sport suspension is a lot firmer and the seats are hard and hug the driver too hard in my opinion. The Takumi on the other hand has adaptive variable suspension and very very sublime. The Takumi characteristics suits my driving style better, it rides comfortably. But at the end it will be down to your preference and unless you test drive both models you won’t really have the answers to all your other questions.

I also prefer the leather in the Takumi it is a step above that used in the F Sport and that is why the Takumi is a lot more expensive.

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F Sport definitely has firmer suspension even on the softer setting. Fatts' comparison is a good one but is comparing pre and post facelift where improvements to suspension were made across the board but the differences are still there.

If you get the active stabiliser option for the F Sport then that is meant to improve roll without compromising normal comfort. Not sure you will find a dealer that has a Takumi and two F Sports, one with and one without the option, for you to compare 😞 

Noise is virtually the same - you may get a little bit more noise/vibration on the F Sport due to the firmer suspension but very minimal.

The semi-aniline leather is more supple with natural grain but needs more care as there isn't as thick a layer of protection on it.

The shape of the seats and your preference to the firmness would determine which one you found more comfortable on a long journey - you ideally need to test both.

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