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Due to the Pandemic, I had to ask a mobile mechanic to replace my fuel filter. It took him 3 hours to remove the housing, but couldn't open it. He went to put it in the vice and broke one outlet. I had to look for a replacement, which I found. Now I need to put it back myself, problem is there is not enough room to see the top fuel pipes. Because I didn't see which pipe he removed from which outlet (BTW it is 23930-26010). Can someone please supply me with a diagram of how I can replace all these fuel pipes. It is a nightmare getting the housing in place. Please help. (IS220D manual 2007)

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Don't know if these pics will help - don't understand your problem really. There is an inlet and an outlet to the filter. Procedure list is included. It's detailed in the workshop manual - you have got one, haven't you? (If not, you shouldn't be messing with the car)

fuel system.jpg

Fuel filter.jpg

filter prceedure.jpg

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Thank you, it's all done, gave me a runaround but I got it in place. I changed the filter because I suspected it for the car losing power occasionally and jerking. The power loss/and jerking still happens and I use sulphur free diesel. Any ideas?

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