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On my is250 if I remember correctly I had airbag recall work done twice.  But i just cannot remember which airbags these were related to. I've been reading about the takata scandal and how faulty systems can explode sending shrapnel flying out. But from what I can see online there is no mention of the is250 drivers steering wheel airbag. There's mention of the passenger airbag. Has anyone else had airbag recall work done twice and if so do you remember which air bags this was for?  Does the is250 not have an effected drivers takata airbag?

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I had mine done about 4 years ago and it was just the passenger airbag 

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Come to think about it, if memory serves me right then I think the first recall I had was to do with airbag not deploying in the event of an accident and the second was the takata scandal recall. But it seems like the scandal recall Lexus did was only on the passenger side. Does that mean the steering wheel drivers airbag isn't the scandalous takata airbag?

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