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Lexus NX300h 2020 as a Lexus newbie but ...

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At the beginning of December we took delivery of a 300h, a lovely car, but ...; I am still trying to get my head round the technology of the car and adding this post might be way out of line.  If so please forgive me.  However, I have come across Radley Radio, e-shop, Miracast, Lexus Online, Enform.  On MyLexus are five manuals which seem to be effectively only two manuals, plus found a video suggesting I can sit in my lounge to then check the car is locked and start the car via an app - available on our last 2017 car.  The manual index seems a bit of a challenge.  It’s all a little confusing.  The dealer has told us to ignore several things on car.  We do have apple CarPlay sorted!

So, where the manuals say how to set up x or y is anyone aware and willing to help me understand Lexus, why one would research being able to, say access Radley Radio or the e-shop, for example, and where Lexus Link does not seem to be very useful is an app available such that I actually start the car whilst sitting in my lounge?

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I can really recommend video guides on youtube. Makes it much easier to understand than the manual. My favourite channel so far is "Lexus Driver" which has 72 videos on the features of my 2015 lexus. They have a playlist with 48 videos for the new version (sans CarPlay) and is us focused but most features are the same. Worth checking out and I'm sure there is a new version out somewhere.


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