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12 hours ago, steveledzep said:

Linky no worky.

Sorry, it's showing in my post although I must confess I had a lot of trouble linking to it so it must be a problem I have with this forum.

It was a cropped picture showing the rather unusual rear window of my Mercedes V8 380SLC and the tailgate spoiler that a very few of these cars had as part of a 'Zender'' body kit.  The picture was heavily cropped to avoid the rear quarter slatted windows which would have been an obvious give away.  The car was a personal import from Germany by a previous owner and was left hand drive.  I really wanted it to be a RHD and it chanced that a guy wanted to take his RHD SL420 to the USA where he was emigrating.  So the SL of the time being the same up to and including the dash, we exchanged all the necessary parts.  The conversion for the other guy was prioritised due to his early departure to the states and despite me chasing for my car it took about 10 months before I got it back and converted. I had a couple of other cars in the meantime, by which time I had lost interest in the SLC perhaps through frustration.  It was a lovely car and I now realise I let it go too cheaply.

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2 minutes ago, Captain sly said:

Can anyone advise why I can't post pics? 

I think they need to be http/https links and then the forum will recognise them as images and load them.  Works for me, anyway!

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All of my other pics were fine, just go to pic on phone and upload file but now it won't, let's try again..



..... Fingers crossed 



Are you ready?




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Maserati but don't know the name of the model.

That grill and those 3 side vents are quite distinctive 🙂

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