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Hi all 🙂

I am a proud owner of a 04 RX300, and I have come across something odd I think. I have swapped out the air suspension on my car to a standard spring setup (relatively straightforward if it wasnt for having to cut all the stabilisers in half :)). The suspension comes from a dead RX400h (engine gave up on a lazy owner AFAIK), however the feels rather bumpy, mostly noticeable when tackling speedbumps, when the car 'jumps' up it feels rather harsh, then bit softer when it drops back down. I have a friend's stock '05 RX300 serviced by the dealer to compare, and his ride feels much smoother - car feels like a cloud driving over same speed bumps at 30mph.

I have tried searching online with no good result, I have had somebody tell me that sprigs on 300s and the hybrids are different since the extra 600ish lbs of a Battery in the car, however as far as I've searched - the parts numbers are exactly the same for both hybrids and non-hybrids... has anyone got knowledge about this?

Kind regards,


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