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Although the steering wheel and wing-mirrors still reposition themselves when I fasten my seat-belt or turn on the ignition, the seat has ceased to

simultaneously slide into position, i.e. unlike the steering-wheel and mirrors the seat stays put in its last position.  All the other seat functions are OK:  

the 1.2.3 settings can be memorised and changed, the seat slides forwards when the back is folded and backwards when it is returned to vertical,

and the control buttons in the seat-base all work as they should.  The Easy Access function in the Customisations menu is set to FULL as it has always

been.  Is there some control function I don't know about or that I might unintentionally have de-activated?


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The only few things i would try is 

1.... move the seat all the way forwards and backwards as far as it will go a couple of times.

2.... Take it back to Lexus if its still under warranty or  as last resort  disconnect the Battery for 10 mins

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Chris:  Tried your suggestion #1, alas without success.  Thanks anyway.  Have now reported the issue on the phone to my dealer who, based on experience, thinks the seat might need a new motor ... !!!!!  The car is still under warranty and will in any case soon need servicing, at which time they’ll figure out what to do.

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Had similar issue, but in my case I can hear seat motor trying to move, but it felt like it simply had no power to do so. As well in my case seat would move backwards and forwards, but seat back would not come-up without encouragement. 

Turned out to be faulty motor and £4200 (of warranty money) later all the motors were replaced and now it works fine. 

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