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My “AFS off” lit up today on the dash. When I opened the toggle switch it said it was on and would not let me change it. I turned ignition off, restarted and the off light was gone and the toddle worked thereafter. It is working properly now, doing its check and waggle dance on startup so not sure what turned it off?

I remain unconvinced that the lights swivel left and right on turning as they did on a previous VW cc which I once borrowed from my son in law. Should it be really obvious?

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Had this problem on my IS250 except that the light stayed on.  It was the link arm on the rear suspension that had snapped, I actually found it a few days later on my drive.  After a bit of research I removed the fuse.  Light gone.  The fuse doesn't serve any other purpose and the headlight self levelling was not that good in the first place.  Passed 2 MOT's after that so obviously not a 'need to have'.


Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 20.37.09.png

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Yes I can confirm it's the sensor by the rear wheel as in that video. The AFS light came on in my car straight after it had a MOT done at Halfords. They plugged it in to a diagnostic laptop and within a couple of minutes they straightened that bracket and the AFS light hasn't come on since.

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