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Fix for flickering/intermittent dome lights

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This was starting to annoy me so I decided to do something about it.

The constant flickering was caused by a defective LED bulb, replaced that, but then I noticed that in the ON position the light would flicker and cut out and if I moved the switch around a bit it would change. Bad electrical connection.

Simple enough fix, pulled the assembly out, disconnected its plug, took it indoors and had a look. 

Behind the switch is a small piece of metal with a single phillips screw hold it on the switch. (this image isn't mine but they're all the same)



So I removed the screw, cleaned all the electrical contact points with vinegar and very very gently bent the metal piece towards the end where the contact was previously weak (the ON position) in order to make it press against the contacts a bit firmer. All reassembled and much better now, no cutting out or flickering even if I deliberately wiggle the switch around.


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