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Transmission oil pump problems

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Hi community im new here , hope all of you are in good spirits. 

I got problems with my 450h gearbox oil pump i found the pump on ebay but i dont know any good independent lexus specialist in south east London if any one can help please ill appreciate it . 


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On 2/22/2021 at 11:01 AM, Cesky450h said:

I got problems with my 450h gearbox oil pump

Hi Cesario, welcome to LOC.
I cannot help you with help on an independent Lexus repairer in your area, but I can give information on the pump.

By far the most common problem with the pump is bearing failure in the drive motor. The bearings are readily available at bearing supply companies, and can be found on Ebay if you type in the bearing numbers that I will list at the end of this post. The bearings cost less than £2 for each, and there is a tutorial here on LOC on how to fit them. Any resonable workshop should be able to remove, and refit the pump held on by 4 bolts.
I will try to find the how to on this, and post it later.



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