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Purchased my first Lexus from this forum in December last year. It's a 2005 RX300 SE-L. 

I had really hoped to contribute more to the forum as I received a warm welcome and found it a really useful source of information and knowledge. However, the car has been pretty much faultless! I've done roughly 3000 miles (I think, I would need to double check) and it hasn't missed a beat. 

I'm just back from a work trip to Inverness which inspired me to post a little update, can't think of many better ways to cover the distance. Comfy armchair, lots of cubbies for odds and sods and and a tremendous sounding stereo. 

Only little issue I've noticed is a bit of a clunk/bang from the NSF suspension. It happens when the shock is fully extended, ie driving off the end of a speed hump, into a pothole etc. It doesn't rattle over broken surfaces so suspect it's a strut top mount. Will look into swapping it over and see if it resolves matters, still drives fine, just a bit annoying when it's otherwise so serene. 

Overall, a delighted first time Lexus owner, it still feels like a special car when I get in.


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Live those black wheels 👍 car looks really nice especially with those rear tinted windows. Glad you like your steed. Ruddy good cars.

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