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Your subscription has expired....

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I have a premium Lexus Nx300h. It was 3 years old in December 2020. Since that time it has insisted on start-up of displaying a message on the screen that reads 

"Your subscription has expired. Please go to to subscribe." I have to click on OK every time the car starts to get rid of the message. Very annoying as it doesn't seem to want to take "NO" for an answer. I have to confess that I didn't know I had a subscription! The navigation et al handbook is difficult to navigate and is reluctant to divulge what this message is all about. 

So simple question "how do I get rid (permanently) of this irritating message? and what have I been missing through not knowing I had this subscription for the last three years?


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Complete guess - maybe it's a subscription for live traffic announcements or speed camera locations, maybe even for map updates.

I haven't got that system so I'm afraid I can't help but just thought I'd have a guess :thumbsup:

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I’ve also taken a look at the “Navigation” manual with over 400 pages and  couldn’t find anything either.

I would give your dealer a call.

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