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Hello all,

Before I start I will say I have searched the forum but either unable to carry out the right search or there's nothing here for my specific question, so here goes....

I am looking for car seat options for my 19 month old son. He is now in front facing seats and I am looking for options for the rear of my ISF. I am in this section of the forum because I think there's not a huge difference in interior and I'm sure there's more 'footfall' here so my question may get answered quicker. I don't want to, if I can, damage or dent the rear seats so I'm thinking a belted in seat rather than isofix.

Apologies if this has been posted before but for the life of my I couldn't get many search results.

Thank you.

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Update, I have found some 'similar' posts but nothing specific about which seat works best or which isofix base doesn't damage the seats (if I go down that route). So still looking. Sadly we don't have a baby shop anywhere near us that can test seats and bases (frustrating).

Thank you.

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Hi Richard,

I have the following child seat in my NX for my 18 month old grandson.

It's an ISOFIX model but so far (after being in place for 18 months) there are no dents or damage to the NX seat. The floor support holds the child seat in such a way as to raise it above the car seat so it doesn't actually come into contact with it (i.e. it's not resting on it).

It's one of those "swivel" models so is easy to get the child in and out. Suitable forward facing from 15 months all the way up to 4 years. Quite pricey though if I remember correctly.

Hope this helps.

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I've found the MaxiCosi RodiFix to be superb:

ISOFIX is the way to go IMO. There's no guessing/tightining fo belts/etc. involved. Fix and away you go.

I think any car seat has the potential of marking the seats. I've always used these to protect the seats and they work really well:

...and while you're at it get something like these to protect the seat backs from the inevitable kicking 🙂


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Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll look into them.

The main reason I asked is because we previously had a 1 series with bucket style rear seats and trying to find a good seat that stayed upright was a nightmare.

Thanks for the ideas. I didn't think of protecting the rear of the front seats!

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