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Light blue Mica colour code 8R8 (Stockists in UK?

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Hi Anyone,

exhausted trying to find a seller of light blue mica colour code 8R8 (Spray can form). Can anyone provide a stockist, seller in the UK?

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Assume you have asked this of a main dealer?  I wouldn't recommend Halfords even if they had it which I doubt they do bearing in mind two previous mismatches. 

There is also the problem that the original colour may have faded so a new can of paint of the correct colour may not now be a good match.  Your best bet may be to go to a paint shop if matching is important to you.  I don't know if 'Chips Away' or similar outfits are good as matching paint when doing small jobs but maybe worth investigating in need.  It seems several places do it in the States but not so much here.  There are places in the UK that advertise custom making and forwarding in spray can but a bit pot luck, so no recommendation but link for investigation.

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Hi Barry,

Thanks for your reply. I eventually found a supplier and will let you know if the colour en-route matches or is close to when it arrives.

Thanks for givibg your time Baz.

Kind Regards


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