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Lexus is300H no sound :( pls Help DTC- B15D0

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Hi guys. 
I have a problem witch my Lexus is300h 2014

I lost my sound. 4 months ago  😞 I’m already change amplifier, radio and nothing. I’m checked all cars fuse  😞 

Maybe someone know service witch one can fix this London  ? Please 😞 

only 1 diagnostic code : B15d0


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MOST is communication between headunit and amp. These are the only two devices connected to this system, therefore it has to be a problem with one of them or the cabling that goes between them.

You can get into the diagnostics by using the following procedure:

  1. Turn the power switch on (IG). Wait for navigation map to appear.

  2. While pressing and holding the "MENU" switch, operate the light control switch: Off → Tail → Off → Tail → Off → Tail → Off.

  3. Diagnostic mode starts and the "Service Menu" screen will be displayed. Service inspection starts automatically and the result will be displayed.

Then go to failure diagnostic > system check > select MOST from the error list and perform MOST Line Check.

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You may have a short in a speaker circuit, most likely in the rear. The amplifier stops operating to prevent damage. The navigation system may not function either.

Check the speaker circuits, rear.

MOST line, MOST communication line connector, wire harness and connector, radio receiver, display and navigation module and stereo amplifier.

Look at the freeze frame data and you should find more codes which identify the fault. 

For each further code there are tests to locate the fault.




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On 3/31/2021 at 3:01 PM, Piotr PL said:

I will check tomorow subwoofer, and rear 2 speaker. I let you know. Thx. 


did you find the problem?

I have the same issue and until now couldn't find an answer anywhere,

Appreciate it if you can share your experience.

Thank you

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