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Hello All,

Soon to be taking delivery of our new...ish NX in Sonic White. 

Can anyone advise to the best lotions and potions for Sonic white?

I am looking to buy a pressure washer and snow foam attachment but what else would be the best kit to get? 

I'm not looking to spend hours and hours on it but would like to use the best stuff to make the most of my predictable laziness!

i have tried searching but could't find anything SW related



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Our NX is also Sonic White and looks very good in the sun when you can see the crystalline surface.

Ours is coated with G3 Glasscoat and is pretty good at disguising general road dirt. I am constantly surprised at how dirty the car actually is when I go to wash it.

I use various things:

- the G3 Glasscoat supplied ceramic shampoo via bucket and sponge

- Autoglym Polar Blast snow foam via pressure washer

Both options give a very good finish but I find that the snow foam still needs a bit of sponge agitation to really get the dirt off.

After nearly 2 years the paint is still perfect.


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Hi Dan,

Best cure for laziness is helping out local detailing businesses! 

All jokes aside, I recently detailed my relative's new...ish NX300h F Sport in Sonic White.

For general prep I used a few polishes and pads but I understand that may not be as much of interest to you. 

As far as de-contamination goes I would equip a good fallout and glue&tar remover - white paint is notoriously bad for displaying everything on the paintwork that shouldn't be there - Carpro TarX or BiltHamber Korrosol are very good at removing fallout however they will also strip your protective layers

I would definitely try out the PoorBoys White Diamond Glaze that you can apply by hand after ensuring you have a perfectly clean paintwork (I hope you already found a good pressure washer & snow foam combo but I find a good citrus pre-wash will help to maintain a sparkling shine on that new whip of yours). Then when it comes to protection there are many ways of going about things - I wouldn't advise ceramics unless you have a garage and some detailing experience, otherwise Soft99 products are very good and rather long-lasting - check out Fusso Light - as long as you keep the timer on you won't need Hercules hands to buff it off. 

+1 on Soft99 for their Glaco range - fantastic easy-to-apply rainscreen that will make you regret you never tried it before!

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