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Cosmetic & Alloy Wheel Insurance

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Hello to one and all. Any forum members  have any thoughts on the 2 policy's  . 

Emailed  From my Lexus Dealership were I purchased a new Lexus NX which I will be keeping long term 

Being sold Via the parent company Stoneacer 

Tyre & Alloy Guarantee  as well as our Cosmetic maintance plan 

Bearing in mind cosmetic insurance , if you claim on it, you are still legally bound to inform your car insurance even throw it's not threw your car  policy they still need to be informed 

Thank you 

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I had similar products offered when I bought my NX and I said no to all of them. I'm not keen on them because there tends to be too many limitations on them, a bit like a used car warranty. The tyre guarantee usually covers punctures and damage. How often have you had them in the past? The cosmetic damage one probably limits you to their workshop which means you can't go to your preferred bodyshop (if you have one).

For me, the only one really worth considering is the alloy wheel cover, because you are very likely to kerb damage them at some point. Have a good read of the terms, conditions and limitations before deciding though. It may be better to keep some money to one side instead.

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I would say have a think about how many times you’ve damaged an alloy/tyre over the past 10 years. The same for paintwork/dings/dents/chips. Then factor in whether you did pay for repairs. Then factor in what the cost would have been over that period in terms of these insurances. It’s a personal choice. I’ve tended not to have this cover because I’m happy to have a go myself at some minor repairs and to pay for a repair whenever necessary.

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