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Blown GS450h hybrid inverter repaired (with cheap camry inverter parts)

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

Interesting work, it’s good to see that despite today’s “Throw away society” there are still some people with enough dedication and skills to actually repair units like these and others ( think broken TV for example).

I too used to work in electronics at a time when repair down to component level was the norm as a replacement was very expensive but changed career when anything that broke was immediately dispatched to the nearest council tip and Argos was the next port of call.

I also remember Servisol thermal paste, the stuff used to get everywhere but I would be lost now with the latest stuff and combined MOSFETs and BP transistors. In my days a Thyristor PSU was a “miracle” of the time.

Keep up the good work, I can see demand increasing now that electric cars are the “future”

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2 hours ago, Xenith said:

I wouldnt have the skills, knowledge and most importantly the courage to do this high level work expecially on an invertor where voltages can be dangerously high.

So I take my hat of to you sir! - I hope the repair is succesfull and others can benefit from your advice.


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