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Thinking of buying a used RC 300h.

Can anyone tell me if there is a high incidence of catalytic thefts with this model. I've heard of some models being esecially prone to this type of theft.

Not a deal-breaker but would be good to know.


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RCs are so rare that statistical likelihood of cat theft is close to impossible - so it is very hard to say as there are simply no data to work with. There is no reason why RC300h cat cannot be stolen, but with so few cars sold it is very unlikely any would have been affected. As well it seems that cat thief targets cars which are higher above the ground e.g. SUVs and where cats are easy to access e.g. Toyota Prius. This makes Lexus/Toyota higher risk, because they sell a lot of SUVs and hybrids, but for exactly same reason RC would be at the bottom of their list as the car is very low and it is tightly packaged with a lot of covers on the bottom etc. 

I guess your question is due to hybrid cars being targeted? But again I don't think car being hybrid make it automatically a target, cat being easy to access is generally the main reason.


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