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'02 Lexus IS200 (Auto) MISFIRE with no codes!

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Hey people, it seems I am in need of some assistance... I recently purchased a '02 IS200 (700miles ago @ 91k) ran absolutely perfectly for about 650miles or so before I started to experience low idle rpm's and what seemed to be a random misfire. Happens mostly at idle and little acceleration but seems to disappear when I put my foot down. I have checked/done the following:

Checked ignition coils and spark (changed spark plugs back to old ones, no change and have visual spark)

Checked for clogged cats (only tested front cat as when I did, the misfire continued and sounded more prominant, so im thinking misfiring in either cyl. 1, 2 or 3)

Checked Fuel Injectors (checked resistance, all good, BUT, there was alot of oil or fuel present in the connectors and injectors in Cyl. 2, 3 and 4 after cleaning and driving the car, checked again and a small amount of oil or fuel visible again)

Cleaned the TB inlet and butterfly which left the car Idling very high now (1500rpm) but I did reset the ECM so maybe just learning again

ALSO I cleaned the OCV filter and tested the OCV which was in spec. BUT i didnt test to see if it operates under voltage.

and STILL, no change.

Sorry for the essay but I hope someone mgmight have some ideas for me!!

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