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I was wondering if anyone has experience of using chemical metals for body repairs.

My LS has got a small leak in rear arch, and I did some work on the arches about 3 years ago using Isopon P40, which worked fine, but I am wondering if using a chemical metal would be better for a tiny patch up. trouble being I have not had time/space to jack up the car and have a good poke about

My experience to date is using JB Weld to  rebuild on a Victorian Cast Iron Fire (which is used) and it seems to do the trick, not bothered by the heat at all.

I have however come across a product called Tereson UP 130 - which seems to be available in larger amounts that JB Weld.

Has anyone got any experience of Tereson.

I am assuming anything that can be used to repair an exhaust (or cast iron fireplace) will be fine for sorting out a small patch of rear arch.

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I used to work for British rail engineering and we always used a product made by belzona. Would highly recommend. Used it to repair cracks in huge great Diesel engines. 

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I'd not heard of Teroson before your post. I see it's made by Henkel, who it seems are now owned by Loctite. Last time I tried, a couple of years ago, the Loctite telephone technical helpline were quite useful and friendly. 

Might be worth a try if you had a specific question. 

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On 4/9/2021 at 10:28 PM, Ala Larj said:

 belzona. Would highly recommend. 

A new one on me, and as a result of searching for Belzona have come across Devcon (mentioned on Piston heads).  Much cheaper than than JB Weld for decent quantities, and I have some around the house projects that would benefit from this stuff.

Just need to jack the LS when I know weather is going to be warm enough for long enough.  

Currently working on restoring a pool table with my son, promised him it would be done in time for nicer weather, then its time for the motor to be loved

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