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Car needs new rear Discs.  checking for possible on t'bay I find a set which appear to be solid rather than vented and so i check, are these correct for the Car?

Two possibilities are listed - one for  the car 2,997cc 161kw 219HP 2jz-ge

and the other                                                    2,997cc 163kw 222HP 2jz-ge

Select the first and its states - yes they fit.   Select the second and it states NO  they don't fit.

Car is mnfd.  2000 but V5c is registered 1st Jan 2001.  

So, I'm thinking what is the difference?  Can't be that one is a V6 and mine being a straight six? or Can it?  Does the V6 give just 3hp improvement?

Glance at wikipedia and you find mentioned HP as 225 for 2000 car.!!!

So, unsure if soild or vented? 307mm / 308mm or something else?  and checking Amayana they don't list Rotors for the VIN so can't get a reference number. Rock Auto don't quote reference numbers by the Rotors they sell and too expensive to import.

Any ideas, so I don't buy the wrong item?    

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Just look at the discs through the wheels. If you can see two discs with a quarter inch or so between them, you've got vented - if just one disc they're solid. If you can't see, take a wheel off - then it's obvious.

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