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Is it worth buying a discounted Lexus GS450H that has check hybrid system light on the dashboard? Can anyone recommend or advise for me please? 

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Without knowing why and the amount of discount it's a nonsense.

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This is only half of the question: check hybrid system may appear for just a little issue like 12V Battery to be changed to complete failure of HV Battery or  electronic control; it could result in a good deal or in a full money pit. As I don't live in UK I don't know with 56 reg the age , that's is another evaluation point.

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Would have to be a good car in every other regard to tempt me.

All gs450h drivers have the sure knowledge that eventually we will be faced with that little light of doom on the dashboard. Either pay up to fix or sell for peanuts.

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Best thing to do is do a code read - this will tell you exactly what the problem is

Other things to look out for it when viewing the car include:

1) Check for rust on underside of the bonnet edge

2) Check for leaking back exhaust back boxes - these often deteriorate and fall off!

3) Check fo rleaking shock absorbers - the only like for like replacement is a main dealer part

4) Check for dash creaking when driving

5) At high mileages there has been cases of failed hybrid oil pump bearings - this is a cheap fix if you follow tutorials on this site otherwise lecuse will happily sell you another pump.

6)Seized brake calipers

hope this helps



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Does anyone know if this car would fail or pass MOT based on the current circumstances?

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@b4u2Had the same on mine, 2007 SE with 160k miles for £1.7k

They didn't disclose the hybrid was dodgy (claimed the light was just the 12v Battery been flat) were they had left it not running.
When it turned out to by the hybrid Battery I negotiated £700 back for a Battery recondition.

I'd not recommend it unless you know the codes that are causing the light to pop up. 
If its a hybrid Battery fault, don't purchase it unless you are prepared to spend at least £700 on reconditioning the hybrid
Battery on top of the purchase price and at that age of car, probably replacing the Battery entirely for about £2k. (I'd recommend the later
at that age, but talk to Martin at hybrid Battery solutions)

If its the invertor or similar, run a mile lol.

I'd be surprised if they let it pass a MOT with that light on, because it does mean the car can randomly cut out while
that light is on. It'll still glide but you can't restart the engine till you stop if that happens.

I'd strongly recommend finding out what the error codes are before even considering a purchase.

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  • Although it does not apply in this case, older cars are not failed due to warning light being on;
  • Cars failed are; petrol vehicles with 4 or more wheels, not more than 8 passenger seats in addition to the driver’s seat and first used on or after 1 July 2003

in MoT manual;

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