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I am leaving.....but not going far.

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After nearly 2 years of CT ownership, I am in a position to renew so am leaving this forum, and going next door to the IS forum.


Bought a 2015 is300h in Metallic Black and I love it! Another dealer purchase, and as a bonus my missus paid for the extra 2 years warranty, and I bought a 3 year service plan. Its on 54k and just had its 60k service, which my CT was due.



IMG_0010 2.jpg

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I had an IS300h shortly after getting my CT which was back with the dealer. Lovely car to drive and very quiet when pushed hard unlike the CT.

Just not quite good enough on fuel for me to consider one unfortunately as in every other way it's better than the CT in my opinion.

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Nice.I wanted one but it won,t fit in my garage.The CT just about goes in leaving me room to get out.An IS would be too long.

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like you i went from a CT to an IS yes the Mpg is less in the IS

i used to return mid to late 40's mpg quiet a bit less than the CT

but its a bigger, heavier and has a bigger engine so all in all

the return is good, what other petrol car with a 2.5ltr engine

will return that sort of mpg not many i guess.

you will notice a remarkable difference in quietness in the IS

enjoy your car


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