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Iv been scouring the forums and I just can’t find the info I’m after.

i am currently running a pre facelift ls430 (51 plate) and I am looking to change it up. The front bumper is simply hideous and I was looking for something to swap it with. A facelift ls430/Celsior etc. The bumpers with the longer fogs and potential for larger splitters

does anybody know if any bumpers can be straight swapped or how much mod work would be required to change it. 

If threads are already in place or anyone has any info, can you throw it my way please. 

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I think you wil find more info on this on the USA forums as they modify their cars alot.

Have you considered upgrading to a facelift model? - you will also get the sleeker looking headlights

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You can't straight swap the bumpers as the headlights and front wings/fenders are different. You could possibly make them fit, but that depends on your skill level.
Otherwise you will be swapping the entire front end, as shown in the link above.
You might be better off seeing if you can find an aftermarket front bumper. Seems to be quite a few out there.

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