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16 Apr, early afternoon at the junction of the A556 and A49 at Sandiway.

It is a long long time since I've seen a blue ISF, and I'd forgotten how good they looked, especially in the sun.

If it was you, I was the cyclist who accosted you to say I loved your car


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2 hours ago, MNMJ said:

I was the cyclist

Another bike rider on this forum! There must be others here — let's be seeing you!

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I took one of the racebikes out into mid-Herts, for the first time since a couple of months in and out of hospital — nearly wrecked me. Didn't see any IS-Fs, in blue or any other colour, but there were lots of irritable drivers for sure. Some days are better for bike riding than driving the car.

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Road Bikes: One summer (in picture), one winter, on old 1993 Cannondale that I'm not sure what to do with and a 15 year old Kona MTB.

I was out today doing some hill training in preparation for my first sortie into N.Wales later in the week. It has been too long and I want to make the most of all their smooth EU funded roads before they fall apart.



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