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After 4 years of driving a Toyota Auris hybrid, I have just upgraded to an IS 300h. 20 plate ex-demonstrator, Premier spec in Sonic Titanium.

Just been for my first proper drive, out from Twickenham to the Surrrey Hills and back.

Really impressed with the car. Feels a lot more powerful than the Auris, particularly up hills. The car seems to glide much better than the Auris. In terms of cars I have had in the past it feels like a combination of a Saab 9000 and a Mercedes 190. Mostly quiet country roads so nothing over 50mph today.

Averaged 57mpg so very happy. I was expecting the fuel economy to be much lower than the Auris. My typical mpg pootling around locally with the Toyota hybrid would range from 55-65mpg. In my local area most of the roads have a 20mph limit, so it lends itself to EV mode.

Very quiet and comfortable. The controls seem familiar with many similarities to the Toyota set up. Much prefer the joystick controls for the multimedia screen over the Auris touchscreen.


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Don't expect fuel economy like Auris, but  IS is far better for all other features 🙂

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Glad you like it, I bough mine a couple of months ago & love it.

I find the car so easy to drive & I really like the CVT gearbox, coming from a manual I was surprised.

Don't forget some pictures.👍

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Bounce - I agree , the IS CVT is excellent. Much better than the Auris. I haven’t pushed hard yet, but so far no high revving from the CVT. 

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1 hour ago, AlistairIS said:


It looks very nice, great colour.

I have only put my foot down a few times, but it seems to go just fine when I want it too.

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