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Anyone had a remap on rc300h,  just interested in better throttle response, I have seen engine & gearbox ecu remap on line just wondering if anyone had had it done and their thoughts.  Cheers 

2016 black with rose 


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I tend to think it is either impossible, or pointless.

RC200t gearbox could be remapped to remove initial hesitation, but RC300h has eCVT - there are no gears and nothing really remap.

As Luigi said - changing it to Sport+ is pretty much as much as you could do with response... and to be fair RC300h is quite good as far as response goes, because of the electric motor, but the gearchanges themselves always going to be kind of "vague"... again simply because it is eCTV and there are no such thing as gears, just imaginary ratios. 

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17 hours ago, hondansxr said:

This is absolute and total nonsense - it is impossible. As per post above - they just put generic text and all car models +10-20% hp claims, because they could not bother uploading the results one by one for each model.

In best case scenario when you enquire they going to say "sorry, we can't actually do RC300h", but likely they just going to take advantage of you being naive (believing that NA car can be tuned) and just rip you off. 

Just to be very clear, RC300h cannot be chiptunned - stop looking for it!

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