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Had the need to relinquish my hold on my Mitsubishi LWB Shogun (I live in the Wye Valley floodplain!) The weather pattern is changing and I don't think we're going to see heavy snowfall very often any more. Needed something that would be not so big, not so heavy, not so long and not so diesel but didn't have a very big purse so settled for an RX300. (The pics below: the Shogun was ok but in future I'll leave the RX at home!) Found an SE-L that would fit in my small purse and it's bodywork is very good for it's age (2004). The dealer has a couple of things to fix as well as give it a current MOT so am waiting for it to be delivered soon.

Looking forward to the forum - seems friendly and very useful.

Two pics: The bridge to a local pub mid-summer and the same bridge Dec 2019

Bridge 1.jpg

Bridge 2.jpg

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I think you will be pleasantly surprised how good your RX 300 will be (I hope!). They are cracking cars. The only downside, to be honest, is the fuel consumption on short trips. I would think it will not be much more than your Shogun. Let us know how you find the RX 300?

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Hi Peter and welcome to Lexus ownership and the best Lexus forum there is. Hopefully you'll find owning a RX300 will suit you and your purposes very well. You've got the top spec one which is great. Don't worry about fuel consumption because when you're in it driving you'll have a smile on your face because of the superb ride and quietness and that subtle sound of that glorious V6 engine. When you get it don't forget to post some photos of it. We all like to see each others cars. Lovely place you live and wow to the flooding.

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