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Hello 🙂

I wonder if any of you have a word of advice on the radio replacement for 2013 GS450h.

As my one has been imported from Japan I would consider replacement of the head unit for EU one that will pretty much give me maps, right dvd region, good FM band etc 🙂 Now, I have a question around it - as I have option to get normal or ML radio (my GS is without ML, but with the 12 inch screen).

By looking at the back of the both radios, they seem exactly same, but ML seems to have some one extra connector under the radio - which likely I won't be able to connect (attached both pictures of ML and non-ML radios).

Did anyone had experience with swap like that? I know taking the head unit out and replacing is super easy - but would that work if I get the ML radio 🙂

In general I cna pick from both, they're around the same price, but don't want to get disappointed with waiting about 2 weeks for shipping, getting ML and finding out that it won't work (but I highly doubt it won't - likely it would just sound comparable to existing system).

Also, how it is with radio security? If I won't disconnect Battery, do I need to put some sort of security code in my car after swap?

Thanks in advance,



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