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Hi chaps..

Still struggling to find a Lexus near me that ticks all the boxes! Even started looking at imported 350s!

Really wanted a white F-Sport but they are rare.  

Meanwhile I've located an 07 SE-L that I like the look of and is fairly priced and has a FSH with Lexus and comes with some warranty. 

Just wondering how much of a problem the variable timing issue is on pre-09 IS250's.. as this chap in the video below mentions a recall in America (around the 4 minute mark). I understand some of the US cars were made in Mexico, but he maintains UK cars are affected.

Apologies if this has been covered before..



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Some of the veterans can probably chime in far better than myself, but even the PRE 2009s are very reliable cars and the engines are generally bulletproof as long as the cars are well looked after. It is true that there were some issues with the PRE 2009s but regular servicing and oil changes can mitigate this from what I've researched. I can't remember who else stated this on another post but the best way to approach buying the IS250 is to look for a high mileage example as that is where you will find the most cost benefit and as long as the car was serviced yearly you're rarely going to run into many problems and get an amazing deal. One thing to take a note of is that spark plugs are due to be changed every 60k miles, water pumps can fail at 100k, and some of the alloys are susceptible to corrosion as well as a few other niggles but generally the car will have very few issues compared to the competition. 

Spotted a white IS250 F Sport 2010 for you on Auto Trader, if you are after an F Sport spec 2010 is the best to go for as in 2011 onwards for the F sport spec they deleted the memory seats functionality and it addresses the issues that High Peak autos mentioned. I myself purchased a 135k black 2010 F sport with the Mark Levinson audio and aside from a punctured tyre Ive had 0 issues with the car so far. 250&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&include-delivery-option=on&postcode=ng83py&advertising-location=at_cars&page=4

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Can confirm that UK cars are also affected. Mine will often rattle on a warm start, however, from what I've researched, this is not something that would cause an issue, other than the unpleasant sound.

The issue itself can be caused if a pin in the VVTi mechanism is worn out, thus, when the engine is shut off, causing the oil that is pressurising said mechanism to leak back into the engine.

When you start the car again, it takes less than a second for the oil pressure to build up, thus causing the rattle in question as the mechanism is locked in place by the oil.

I've read that this is an expensive repair and I'm currently looking into solutions.

One possible solution is a pre-lube system that keeps the oil pressure up before you start the engine, reducing overall engine wear.

I've also read that frequent oil changes can mitigate the issue, however, I'm still on my second oil change and am unable to confirm this.

Right now, I'm about to test an anti-friction oil additive and will report back with the results when possible.

I also read somewhere that this can be caused by incorrect data from the computer on engine shut down, causing the VVTi mechanism to stay in an incorrect position. I have an ECU update available, though I have yet to get around to it.

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I've never had this issue. My '08 is on 151k miles now and it gets driven like something a lot sportier if you know what I mean. I change my oil every 6-8k miles and use 5W30 HKS synthetic oil. However, when my friend was buying his '07, it would rattle for few seconds when starting cold (could've been the chain). His was on only around 80k miles.. changed the oil and it went away after a few weeks. I'm not sure if that's related to the vvti though..  

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There are problems with all cars, admittedly, the IS is among the more reliable cars made. I would not worry about the rattle but focus on the issues such as the callipers which is the only main issue with the car that every owner will experience. The rattle does not lead to any issue, a good service schedule, regular oil changes (i used engine flushes on an old 2007 model) and there is no issue whatso ever. 

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As above. That video review to me is the worst that guy has done. His other Lexus ones are very good. To say the is250 isn't as good to drive as a bm he's talking out of his a***. No need whatsoever to worry about a rattle from the top end unless the car has had a very neglected life. A documented service history will tell you a car is as fine as it can be. 2007 was a good year for the is250. I would say that as mine is a 2007 and it runs oh so sweet. My car doesn't have a rattle on cold start. 1st thing I did when I bought mine was to pour a bottle of ZX1 into the engine oil. 

If you can't find a f-sport then that SE-L you just have to snap the sellers hand of. Top of the range and service history too? It's a no brained. Got buy it. You won't be disappointed. In fact you'll love it within 20 miles.

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I have a 2007 on 152k and runs as smooth as it did from day 1, you can easily leave a coin balance on the radiator cap when it's running. They are overall a very solid car. The auto is definitely the one to go for. Having owned the manual one if I was to buy again I'd definitely get the auto.

Only issue I had with mine is the alternator. It had previously replaced with a spurious one which died after 6 months, I replaced it with same again which didn't last long either. It's been fitted with a genuine Denso alternator plus a new Battery so that should keep it sweet.

It's a very well balanced chassis. I have the sport and haven't once thought about modifying the suspension. It's super compliant cruising down the road and confidence inspiring through corners. They're not the lightest car but hide their weight very well.

As said, one thats well maintained shouldn't give you any real hassle. I always buy service parts from Toyota as theres very little difference in the price between OEM and spurious (at least here in Ireland anyway). Be picky and hold out for the spec you want and get one with good history and you won't be disappointed!


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