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Forgive me if this has already been discussed.

I've just bought a second hand RX450h Takumi 2020 model and i'd like to know how to get the onboard WiFi up and running. I already have an O2 subscription and SIM card for my 4G mobile WiFi unit which i've used in other cars. It'd be nice to use the O2 SIM card in the Lexus instead of a mobile WiFi.

Does anyone know how to even access the Lexus WiFi box in the the boot? It's not obvious where to open it, and I certainly don't want to damage it.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Simon,

I had the same question for my new RX too.... I have looked into this.  It turns out that the wifi box has an e-sim.  So it can't be changed unless it is re-provisioned by Lexus to another provider (through a software change).  Currently they use Orange and you can buy a subscription on the my lexus website.

Here is the link to the manual for the 4G box, which talks about an e-sim:


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Thank you Paul,


Much appreciated, and that's useful information for me and for anyone else wondering how to set up the Lexus WiFi.

I took a quick gander at that and it looks like more trouble than it's worth to have it changed via Lexus.

I think i'll make my life easy and just stick with my own mobile WiFi, which works perfectly well.


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