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Greetings from the Isle of Man

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New club member - I have a 2003 IS200 which I've owned for a couple of years. Previous owner was an old boy, so it'd only covered 38,000 miles when I got it, running just over 50,000 now. I'm a fan of Toyotas generally, and previously owned MkI, II and III MR2s, 80 Series Landcruiser (now my wife's) and also run a 2015 Hilux.

Overall I like the Lexus, smooth, reliable and seems pretty well built (wouldn't expect anything less!). Not the fastest thing on the road, but not embarrassing either.

I've done a few maintenance jobs, inc brake calipers which seized, oh and ripped out the factory CD player which was FUBAR and replaced with a new one, bypassing the factory amp using a kit off e-bay (that was a fun job). 

I plan to keep it for a while as a DD so just looking into more preventative maintenance and minor upgrades, i.e. maybe change the wheels as the lacquer is coming off mine pretty horribly, and possibly change the suspension to coil overs as the my kids complain about the ride in the back being a bit sea-sicky on longer runs.. I'll be picking your brains hopefully on these ideas in coming months.

All the best

Dave S 

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Welcome to the forum,

You are from the island has cats without tails?

And sheep with 4 or 6 horns?

Really a strange thing that so different species come from such a little place.

Also had a MR2 first generation and later a Spyder; funny cars. Now it is the mini-Lexus. Can find parking place where many other cars cannot.

I am not the one to help with possible questions about the IS, but you will find very competent people here that can answer most questions about it.

Hope you enjoy the car.

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Thanks LP.

Yes, home of the Manx Cat and the Loughtan Sheep... and the TT Races of course. 

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