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Hi All,

I'm considering purchasing a 2016 Lexus GS300h F Sport and in the process of making an offer.

However, I have concerns regarding the recent rise in catalytic converter thefts, especially in hybrid models and I believe a member on here has his stolen not long ago. Is there something about hybrid cars that makes cat converters more valuable?

I live in a private and secluded area and my car would be an easy target for the thieves, as no other houses overlooking mine and I don't have a garage.

Is there anything that can be fitted to the car to prevent access to the cat converter? 

Kind Regards

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Earlier hybrid catalytic converters used a higher precious metal content (Rhodium and Palladium) than non-hybrid ICE cars so are a target for theft. Later ones (eg GS gen4) have less Rhodium and are less valuable - but I don't know if the thieves know that!

Cat theft started hitting the headlines when Rhodium cost about $10K per ounce - it's $29K today!

The primary cat (GS300h) or cats (GS450h) is/are incorporated in the manifold and is pretty much impossible to remove on a driveway or car park - it's the secondary cats that are the target on the GS.

You can get various locks and protection plates - they are advertised on eBay - the cost is north of £200.

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Hi John,

Many thanks for your comprehensive explanation, it does give me some relief that the newer GS models aren't as desirable as the older models.

Nevertheless, if I manage to secure a deal on a GS, I will most definitely get a lock or protection place installed just to be on the safe side.

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