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There are useful videos on u tube showing how to replace the Mode switch, and the part itself can be bought quite cheap at Rock.  However, all these vids show the work done on LHD Cars under the Glove box.

Question is, will this part be under the Ignition switch side for RHD cars or did Toyota /Lexus make these units in reverse for RHD cars?

I know I can take the glove box apart and see the answer but I'm fairly lazy and I'd rather know in advance before I order the part that it will be under the Glove box.  I don't have a Workshop Manual.  Not sure about these Download free Manual sites?   Anyone know the answer before I buy the part?  Situation is, that the mode switch doesn't seem to go right across to the "Windscreen" position, so needs be replaced.  It does change settings to the other positions. 


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OK so, the Air con is blowing hot air and I need to do the above job.  Thought it would be simple to remove the Glove box as have done it on other vehicles, but ..........   Undid top screws on insert and two middle screws but... are there two other screws right donw where no phillips will reach or how do I (pull in) the side parts so that it will lower? Don't want to break something .  Anyone post a diagam of the fixings please, so I can seek out eh Blend Door Actuator which is probably the part that has been serenading me from the air vents with quiet almost imperceptible  whispering?

Thanks - as can't drive a Car with no air con. 

Update on other work to this GS. New front Calipers and sliders. New rear Discs and pads (but I have astrnage scraping noise when turning to the left fro. o/s/r which mechanic sat in car today and could hear but not fathom.  Spent a sleepless night last night as thought it was the Rack and Pinion steering on the way out!    Sun roof drains sorted if I haven't already mentioned it.

Lovely day. Cool Beer just enjoyed.

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