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Anyone know where I can get some carbon or gloss black mirror caps for my 06 is250? 

Cant find them anywhere. 

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Mirror caps comes colour coded when you order them new from Lexus, but they aren't cheap and to be fair I am not sure if they sell them individually or only with whole mirror assembly which is like £700+vat.

As for carbon caps, there used to be some for sale for astronomical price ~£500 each + import duties from US, but as the car is now EOL they would be very difficult to source. Perhaps try searching for IS-F Carbon Mirrors and you may find some (because it is the same part), but be prepared to pay "top dollar" for them.

When I needed replacement I sent message to every breaker on ebay and eventually somebody had black mirror in stock for ~£100. Perhaps cheapest is just to get them wrapped.

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Yes I was just about to say get them wrapped instead or hydro dipped.

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I remember just before I bought the car there was a couple of sellers on eBay selling them, but no one seems to do them anymore. 

Might just get them wrapped them. 

Cheers for all the advice👍

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