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Just some info on how to clean the ducts for the hybrid Battery cooling fan.

In my case its a 2014 gs300h with 120000 miles which is used as a taxi. 

First remove the upper trim panel in the boot so that you can remove the trim panel that fits behind the rear seat, all this is to remove 1 retaining pin. Next is remove the rear seat base, it just pulls up, now remove the 4 12mm bolts holding the seat backrest in place and pull the base upwards, no need to remove the seat belts but pull the backrest towards the front seats to give a bit of room, behind the felt there are 3 black vent tubes that connect from each side of the car to the cooling fan, there are a few retaining pins to remove and then there is 1 of the retaining pins has to be removed from the boot side, at the fan end of both the side vent tubes is a mesh which gets clogged

 Can't upload pictures but both of my vent tubes were about 90% clogged.

Was an easy enough process and well worth doing. 

Hope this might be helpful, 


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