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Hi guys,

Its been a while since I sold my is220d but I am back with Lexus after a 2 year gap. Now own a mesa red is300h premier, which I absolutely love.

I have been playing around with the customisation, in particular the lights. However, can't find what I am looking for.


Does anyone know if you can have the lights or even DRL turn on when you unlock the car? I thought the DRL would come on.


Also, when adjusting the light sensitivity. Does the minus mean the lights are less sensitive so they come on later? I basically want them to come on sooner so have used the max button.

Thanks for any help. Gradually getting used to all the gadgets in this car 🙂

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Welcome back 🙂 

Minus means less sensitive so it has to be darker for the lights to automatically come on.

When you unlock the vehicle in the dark, via the key fob or touching the handle, then the front Lexus ticks and rear lights should come on (not the DRLs as they are a second stage of brightness on the Lexus ticks). This is the default setting, to disable this feature it needs dealer customisation (or customisation software (e.g. techstream, Carista etc)) - you cannot change the settings via the vehicle settings.


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Thanks Colin, its good to be back 😀

Thats a shame, I was hoping that during normal daylight the DRLs would come on when you unlock the car. Nevermind.

Ill check tonight then if the lights come on during the dark. Yet to try yet.

Thanks for the advice.


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