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Hi All,

I've now read through a whole load of posts already, but struggling to find a match to my issue.

Passenger side low, drivers side normal hight.

Already checked all 4 sensors, giving a good and same read (multimeter) on each sensor.

Compressor running on start up, (after the trick of stopping and starting the car a number of times).  Does not raise the car, either side.  

I have a Bosal towbar fitter where a tube from the compressor connects to the side of the towbar with replaces the original tank.

If I disconnect this pipe and can get the car to raise and lower on the button in the car.  When I reconnect the pipe the can on passenger side then drops back to low position.  I've disconnected the Battery for 30 mins (no effect).

What does the tank/reservoir do?  I've pressure tested with a footpump and got up to almost 3 bar.

What am I missing????



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Do you accidentally have the 'easy in/out' button pressed? It's located near the petrol cap release and has some sort of effect on the air suspension. I always had it switched off on mine but I think it's meant to keep the air suspension lower to make it easy to get in and out of the car.

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