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Hi Guys. I have to remove my rear boot spoiler to my SC430 as the boot has to be resprayed. Does anyone know if the spoiler is bolted or bonded (sticky taped) to the boot lid please.

Many Thanks

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Nuts, plastic clips and a little trim tape. You'll need to remove the boot lid liner to get access. It's a bit of a fiddle to get off but is a doddle to refit although you'll need long fingers. 😉

Dental floss can be used to cut through the trim tape once you get to that stage.

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Hi DocT Thanks for your reply and help. When you say the trim tape/Dental Floss,  is that holding the liner? and beneath this are the bolts that hold the Spoiler. ? 

Thanks Alan

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The trim tape is on the underneath of the spoiler itself.

The liner is held in place by the grey trim clips which are best removed by threading a cable-tie through the slot and pulling hard. Once the liner is removed you'll see where the spoiler is bolted.

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