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Hi any of you owners know where i can get the build spec on my 2018 f sport is there a web page that i can print specifaction   cheers 

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Hi Herbs,

any such details of my

2016 registered CT200h Luxury, Sport, Premier or whatever it is. Halogen low beam, fog-lights and automatic everything I can think of?

Nav with micro SD-card.

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I'm not sure John; I've never looked because I don't have a CT. I found the RX one via Google so all I can suggest is to give it a try and see if anything pops up.

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Hi Herbs (or do you prefer Herbie?),

I don't know whether Lexus do this but when I wanted information of the precise build of two BMW's, the dealer where I got my spares printed off a detailed individual spec for each car at no cost.  I would have thought it could be worth asking your dealer if they would be able and willing to do this.

Incidentally, I have noticed when advertising used cars, many dealers list just about every option available and say in small print something like 'this might not apply to this car'.  I think the actual make up and specification of the specific car being advertised should be listed.

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