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IS300 RHS front suspension knock - HELP

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Hi All,


I have just purchased an is300 (2002) 4 door auto. Beautiful car and some nice mods, which will be added to over the coming year.

However, there is a knock coming from the drivers side front, that cannot be found?! I took it to a local garage, who took a large crowbar bar at tried to move the suspension joints and everything was good, both sides. I'm not sure what to try next, could it be the top mount? It make the knocking noise all the time, mostly over little bumps.

I have read on the USA forums that it could be brake pads, but not sure how it could be?!

Any help much appreciated.


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Its a well known issue with the IS200 (appreciate you have  300). Many of us never got to the bottom of it despite new shocks / top mounts etc but some did. Seemed a bit of a lottery. 

Thread here from back in the day, you may find your answer in there. 

Best of luck, the IS300 is a lovely car. 

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So this slight knock is most probably one of the slider pins knocking inside the worn slider mount, I have had this, either get a good used one (but you will be lucky to find one which doesn't have the same problem) or remove the pins and fill with correct grease , this will make it less pronounced.

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