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Hi All,


I have only had the is300 for three weeks and I am looking at going Turbo!

Long story short, I have been after a car to modify with my two sons aged 18 and 15, they are both in to cars and I thought this would be a good way to spend time with them, as well as a shared passion.

The only company/person I can find is someone called Squint, who advertises on Ebay and I have managed to speak to him over the weekend. The guys seems very knowledgeable and said it could be supplied and fitted for £2500. Now this is almost the value of the car and I want to make sure he is the right person for the job.

Does anyone have any experience?

I was told that it would be comfortably between 300-330bhp. Now that does sound fun.

Current mods:

  • TDR front bumper/spliter
  • TTE aero wheels
  • Eibach lowering springs
  • Japspeed back box going on next week.

Help and advise much appreciated.


PS. still trying to find out where the front drivers side knocking is coming from!!??

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Hey there,

The 2jzge-t kit has been done by many different companies. I have no experience with squint and I almost took the plunge myself on a is200. Only reason I didn't was because like you twigged, it's potentially more than the value of the car. But this shouldn't be the decider in my opinion. The amount of fun in return could make it worth while.

Depending on how mechanically minded you are, how about buying the kit and DIY at home with kids help? (If you have space and everything  needed to install).

The squint kit is very tempting at the prices they are. 

Btw you'll get better feedback from the supra forums. These ones are pretty dead.

Good luck..

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