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Hi folks,

Said I'd make a post here regarding the IS250 MAF sensor. I've owned my 07 IS250 Sport since September last year. I've always found the gear changes quite juttery with lots of rev hang, poor throttle response pulling away, jerky at low speeds in traffic. Read lots of topics from the US mainly on the manual gearbox/drivetrain in these cars and attributed the cars characteristics to the design.

A few weeks ago I started getting intermittent faults for rich condition on both banks. Did some troubleshooting and seen fuel trims were sky high trying to lean the mix out. Given it was both banks showing rich, it was safe to say it was a calibration issue with the MAF sensor. I've had cars with faulty MAF sensors before but none had such an impact on the cars running after being replaced. Power delivery is much smoother, gear changes are no longer jerky and there's no juttering pulling away or at low speeds.

Hopefully this may be of some help to someone experiencing similar issues. I had the car on diagnostics before the MAF started giving issues and fuel trims were all perfect and no indicator a faulty sensor at all. I'd say if you're IS250 is decent age like mine with a few miles on it, its definitely worth replacing the MAF. I'd never have even thought about it only for it did eventually fault out.


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Excellent post Danny. Glad your car is running as it should. Its amazing what a difference a faulty/dirty MAF sensor can make. This thread reminds me when I forgot to use the MAF back in when I cleaned it and the throttle body. Car ran like a dog. 

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