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USB Lexus IS-F 2010 - LSD Model

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Due to a potential change of circumstances, I am looking to potentially sell my Lexus IS-F.

I originally had a 2008 Lexus IS-F a few years ago, and then ended up coming back to the IS-F, because of how much I missed it. This particular spec was one that I was after for years, but the owner would never sell, eventually, I managed to get it.

Its a 2010 USB Blue with around 45k on the clock. It also has the lovely white interior which is a really rare combo. Also has IMO the best set of wheels that you could get for the IS-F.

It has a FSH, it is 100% standard apart from the Hayward & Scott exhaust which just everyone loves, I have also fitted a Thinkware U1000 dashcam worth around £500 that will be included with the vehicle.

I am in no rush to sell this vehicle, I did test the waters on a few Facebook groups and were given some ideas of values. These seem to be going up, plus with the rare specification mine is in, I am not rushing to sell this but at the same time, if a quick deal could be worked out then all the better.

I am located in Jersey, Channel Islands. This means that VAT will need to be paid when the vehicle is imported to the UK, this can be worked out during the deal but for me, I don't gain any of this so I am not looking to remove the total amount of the VAT off the price of the car, but something could be worked out. In regards to getting to Jersey. We have a very low COVID level, currently on 3 cases. On arrival to Jersey, a COVID PCR test would be required upon entry but if the part of the UK is green, then no isolation required. Boats from Poole and Portsmouth to Jersey daily, along with flights.

I am really sad to see this potentially go. A true future classic with the most desirable specification. It is the 2010 model so it does feature the LSD, Dab Radio, Bluetooth music, ect.  

Price wise, It really depends on the deal and also how quick things can get turned around, really not wanting any time wasters. Currently, on ebay there is a 2011 Model for £23000 which is a bit newer but not as quite unique as my spec. So it all depends.

Please PM me if interested.

Or contact me on WhatsApp - 447797763805

Email -




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