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I'm pretty new to this whole Altezza "thing" I just got one two days ago. It's a Jap model which has been imported to New Zealand *where I live*. I've been told that why I don't have a TV set into the dash is 'cause they took it out so it would comply to NZ standards *utter crap if u ask me* I'm sure we can all watch a screen and drive at the same time :winky: Well anywayz, would any of you know how I could get one imported, how much it would cost, a pic of what they look like would be helpful too... oh! and is there a standard sorta factory one? Or are they all pretty much pick which brand u want, bla bla bla... I'd like one that's set into the dash 'cause they're just too cool! I've already asked around a bit and no one seems to know too much 'bout it round here...

Alrighty, *fingerz crossed* hope one of you'z can help me :D

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