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It's ages since I have visited the forum... which is just evidence that my IS300 Sportcross has been running smoothly and fault free for years.  It's a 2002 model, still modest mileage, and immaculate.

Well... until today.   My car was parked in a half empty retail shopping park, lots of vacant spaces all around.  I had gone into a shop to buy various things.  I came out to be hailed by a passer by, who shouted that he'd just seen another car crunch into and damage my car.

Sure enough:  the front wing on the driver's side was crumpled, and the front right part of the bumper panel had been scraped, hooked and ripped away.  Hadn't damaged headlight or wheel.  But still a mess.  I took photos but haven't the heart to post them up.

The other driver had parked (again) nearby.  Elderly, apologetic, accepted full responsibility, said his insurers would pay for the damage, couldn't understand what had happened :  "was parking alongside.....must have been a lack of concentration.... heard some sort of noise, thought it was the brakes on my car....".

I'm deeply upset.  Devastated.  Now begins the tedious process of trying to pursue a claim against his insurers.  I have had a local bodyshop take an initial look at the damage.  The verdict is that new wing and new bumper will be needed, (and maybe whatever bracket or support is in that front corner), but that it's repairable.  I haven't yet got a figure.

Two issues.  First as it's almost 19 years old the insurance company are likely to try to argue that - despite its condition -  it's not worth fixing and they will push to write it off.  I will have to fight that battle if it happens.

Second, sourcing those two panels might be a challenge.  I don't know, and neither did the bodyshop, whether it's still possible to get original replacement panels from Lexus for this model.  By the way, the car is the 'platinum' colour. The fallback option may have to be a breaker.  Which is the reason for this post.  An appeal for help and advice on good sources of the panels if we have to go searching.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Ask Lexus Parts Direct to help as they will know what parts are available.

Patented Parts are definitely available as my brother in law had 2 new wings fitted on his 2003 LS last year.


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What a shame, very annoying when it's not your fault. Second hand wings are available on eBay and from looking at the parts numbers, the wings are the same for the IS200/300 saloon and sport cross, apart from the difference below, which widens the scope. There is a difference in part numbers on a IS200 (not listed for the IS300 though) depending if Discharge Headlights are fitted, from what I can see an IS200 saloon or sport cross without discharge headlights, part number 53801-53040, is the same as an IS300 saloon or sport cross.

Fitting a second hand wing should be straightforward and the colour match would probably be ok, new car spraying/painting is pretty consistent. I replaced the front wings on a silver BMW E46 M3 a few years ago with a second hand pair. I was concerned that there would be a big difference in colour but I needn't have worried. I detailed the paintwork on the car, clay bar, buffing etc, and did the same on the second hand wings to give the best chance of a colour match and it was spot on. I couldn't tell the difference so I wouldn't be worried about using second hand wings if in good condition.

New wings are available new from Amayama, £305 from Japan or £190 from the UAE plus shipping and other costs. Not sure I would trust that a new wing would arrive in perfect condition but Amayama package their stuff well. They may be available new from Japan but not from Lexus UK i.e. new ECU for a LS400 is available from Amayama, or at least it is listed, but not from Lexus UK, I know because I asked the question.

IS200 part numbers


IS300 part number



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LPD show a bumper:

Which implies it is still available but they may not remove old items from their website so worth contacting them. There are 7 different bumper designs for different markets/models so you need to get the correct one, and implies there is a design specifically for the IS300 SC which means finding a second hand one would be very difficult due to the low number of vehicles sold - I would have thought a normal saloon one would fit if that is all available.

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Many thanks - especially to @Tel and @ColinBarber - both for the words of reassurance and the practical advice and information on where to find the parts I need.

As regards the offside front wing panel, there seems a reasonable prospect that I might find one (I have seen one listed when I did a quick browse of the well-known auction site!).  What I don't have are the part numbers - though the details in @Razor61's post (a screenshot from Amayama?) suggest I need part 53801-53040.

I'm not sure how the "discharge headlights" aspect is a factor.  As I read the details in that post, this relates to the wing panel.  I understood that the actual headlights (and the spaces into which they fit) are the same for all.  My car does have the discharge headlights.

The search for a front bumper panel looks a little more complicated.  I suspect and believe that any IS200/IS300 bumper would fit (same mounting and fixing points).  But I have discovered that there are differences between the 200 and the 300 items.  The IS300 SC bumper was "subtly restyled" in about 2002/2003 to be more "sporty and wide".  The intake below the numberplate is a different shape, and the mouldings for the foglamps are a bit different. 

I attach a page - as a PDF - from a manual I found somewhere online which shows the difference very clearly.    I have just had a look at the Amayama website (I hadn't even heard of them!) and when I put in my car's VIN number, it comes up with a part number, 52119-53906 for the bumper which seems to tally with the LPD part number - see the other image attached.

If I end up ordering parts for delivery from Japan, I'll need to be 100% sure I'm ordering the right bits!

If anyone can help with that (or point me in the right direction to find the right info) I'd be very grateful.  I hadn't heard of Amayama before, and I'm not sure if I can access, so any tips would be useful.  The reference to getting parts via the UAE is fascinating (I used to work out in that region!).  Can @Razor61 give me more details?

Anyway, thanks for the help so far.  All further advice will be welcome from those with greater knowledge/experience....


Lexus IS300 SC - Amayama details for bumper 2- 021-05-19.png

0010 - New Features - Front and Rear Design.pdf

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If you can tell me which model code you have from the list below and PM your email address I can send you the exploded diagrams and part number lists specific to your car.



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I had what sounds like similar damage and circumstances ( 3rd party admitted liability) to my Celsior many years ago, my own insurers insisted on sorting it using a “Claims Management Company” so the car was transported to their local depot.

As expected it was “Written Off”.

I was then contacted by the 3rd party insurers who offered a cash settlement for the car plus an additional £1000.00 for my Mam who was in the car with me and £1000.00 for myself.

They also allowed me nil deduction salvage rights so kept the car and paid me another £500.00 for not requesting a “Hire car”.

After a bit of a struggle I finally had the car brought back to me from the CMC and then had a local body shop complete the repairs to the front bonnet edge, front wing edge, bumper and fit a new headlight unit.

No new panels were fitted and they did an excellent job of pulling the dents out and repairing the bumper for around £800.00. maintaining originality.

So not only did I keep the car which I still have and use I enjoyed a couple of holidays on them.

The only downside was my own insurers again insisted that the car was declared written off before they would cover it again so it now has a marker on it.

So it may be worth calling the 3rd party insurers’ directly and see if they would be happy to do a similar deal.


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Steve - thanks for both those posts.  I will PM you with car details and code etc with an email address.

Useful also to have your story of similar experience.  Nice to feel I'm not alone.  At this point I have no idea how the insurance discussions will go.  The other driver's insurers (LV=) have confirmed in writing that they are prepared to pay the costs of rectifying the damage to my car, as a Third Party Claim on his policy.  They offered the option of either having the work done by one of their authorised bodyshops (and they would guarantee the work) or to pay for it to be done by a repairer I choose (in which case they would not be answerable for the quality....).  I decided on the latter - not least because of geography, I preferred to 'go local' with a firm I know.  They offered a hire car - which I declined, saying that I wished to ensure that the maximum amount of claims-payout should go to ensuring that the repair was done to the highest possible standard and not constrained by cost.  Next step is for the insurers to see and - I hope - agree the estimate.  Not sure whether or when - if at all - I need to involve my own insurers.

Meanwhile the good news is that both the bodyshop (who have been checking their sources) and my contact with LPD indicate that the parts are pretty readily available - which was my initial anxiety.

I hadn't yet started to think about options if the insurers quibble or decline the quote for the repair costs and want to write the car off.  I'm not aware of whether they use a claims management company:  at present it seems the dialogue will be between them and my chosen local repairer.   So your post is a useful guide as to what to think about if that situation arises.

Painful though it is, here's pics of the damage to my car.... and one of the side of the other driver's car.  Still cannot believe how incompetent he was.... in a near-empty retail centre car park .... to do that.






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