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Clarity of road names etc. on Navigation screen

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn't track this down as a thread subject.

I find it difficult to read information such as street names on my 7inch screen using the Lexus navigator. The thin black wording on white background is very unclear for me and yes I do wear specs and can read most other information displayed. Has anyone identified a way to adjust this display format i.e. change the colours of the text or the display style on the Nav screen? I do have google maps / android auto which is a clearer alternative but it would be nice to use the cars features sometimes without having to stare for prolonged/dangerous periods to read was is being shown.



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I have same issue Barry sometimes when on android auto maps i cant make out what the symbols are on the road and some things appear i have to ask the wife what does that say or mean she struggles so I reckon I'm in the same club.

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With all the screen technologies available it is hard to understand that Lexus should have chosen a poor quality for new car models.

The software from Lexus on the info part seems to be of little importance compared to the quality of the mechanical qualities, compared to the quality of the software taking care of electric power and engine. You can hope that Lexus will come with a software update taking care of the problems.

On our car there is no problem with the clarity of the navigation screen. Wayfinding is another story. Several minor streets here are not possible to find (Lexus engineers maybe do not speak Spanish); a 9-year-old Garmin Nüvi car navigation system with free updates for card yearly is so good that Lexus maybe would be doing their customers a favour buying from Garmin instead of the source they get maps from now; a 7 year old Garmin bike computer, also with free map updates for Europe is OK too.

It is a shame to have a built-in screen in the car that is not functioning to the satisfaction of customers.

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