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Hey! I just bought a 2013 Lexus IS300h. The one thing i hate the most aboit the car is the foglights up front. It looks like Lexus had a look at aliexpress specials and chose the cheapest and crappyest option. Im sorry if im offending someone. But its hidious in my opinion. One thing ive been searching for is a "vent" like insert to put there. Been searching everywhere and i cant find a single place that sells these. Ive heard with Lexus Norway and they only came with foglights here. So they havent even heard about what i need. But while searching i found a install guide on ifixit for installing foglights to a lexus is300h ave30. And in the pictures i actually found what i need. If someone here knows someone or somewhere i can buy these ill be extremly happy! I found two pictures.



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4 minutes ago, steve2006 said:

Hello and welcome to the LOC

If you look at the picture the clue is there 😀

Thank you! I know they are sold out but i actually have been up all night for 4 hours trying to find them. It didnt even hit me at first but the is300h is not the one without fog lights. Its is250 and is 350 that dont have foglights. I then pulled up a parts catalog for is250 and 350. Found the stupid parts and then i found the part number from lexus. Here is the part number for anyone else who is like me😅

Lexus: 5311353110

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