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Decided to take the front wheel off to look at the pads. Got the jack out from the boot The manual read  “ The jack point guides are located under the rocker panel. They indicate the jack point positions” I had a look and there does seem to be a plastic cover which I assume you take off? Although I cannot see any way of getting it off. Am I missing something?

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as far as I am aware there are 2 V notches about 30mm apart cut into the downwards seam to indicate where the supplied jack locates towards both front and rear of the sill if that helps.


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Hi @westo3, just like Paul says. There are four jacking points dedicated to be used with the emergency scissor jack found in the boot. These are situated at the seams underneath the rocker panel. The manual unfortunately only shows jacking points for heavy duty lifts at the front and back of the vehicle.

If you look underneath there will be two notches about two inches apart on either corner of the vehicle, something like this:

Where To Put The Jack Clublexus Lexus Forum Discussion

This is where you will insert your emergency jack to lift the car up.

Edit: No need to remove anything, just make sure that you slightly loosen your wheel nuts before lifting the car up in the air - especially if you're planning to work on the front of the vehicle.

Little safety note - at minimum, whilst working on a car without using any extra axle stands, place your removed wheel underneath your car in an event of your scissor jack giving in. It will stop the car from coming crushing down. A damaged alloy will be the slightest of your worries should this happen.

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